Saturday, March 28, 2009

Red Cortez - Hands to the Wall

Sometimes I feel like I have to struggle to appreciate some indie rock. It might not grab me the first time around, but after a bit more effort and patience I might eventually fall in love with a band. The problem is that I go through so much music that sometimes if it doesn't grab me after the first listen it might not make it to a second or third. That's why I was excited when after hearing one track from Red Cortez I was instantly hooked.

I was introduced to Red Cortez via the IndieFeed podcast. The first offering from this new indie band is their EP Hands to the Wall. The first track has an large epic sound, and just when you think you know what to expect from this band, you make it to the second track and find you've got then all wrong. This EP has a pop-rock sound that will have you tapping your foot in your cubical through every track. I look forward to seeing what this band does next.

If you're curious to hear what Red Cortez sounds like check out their MySpace page. If you dig it you can purchase their EP for a measly $3.99 from their website. B-

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