Friday, August 13, 2010

The Origin of the Daily Comic

A year or so ago our friends Kevin and Amanda came and stayed with us a couple days. One night Kevin and I were farting around and I told him about the idea of a daily comic. I told him how I read the James Kochalka Sketchbook Diaries and it really inspired me to do the same thing. Kevin was so persistent that I do it. I told him i would try, but he saw through me. So I suggested we each draw a comic about the moment, in hopes that it would get my creative juices flowing. Here are the comics that we drew.

Here's mine:
And here's Kevin's:


San Smith said...

hhaha omg the difference between the two...!

JayPee said...

HA! I like to think I improved, but yeah, my friend is also a bit of a perv.