Thursday, November 27, 2008

In-Law Invasion: Thanksgiving Edition

We have been preparing for Leslie's family for months now. This wasn't one of those situations where the event snuck up on us, oh no. We have been carefully planning each day with cleaning and shopping. For Thanksgiving we would be joined by Leslie's mother, Leslie's step-father (who I call her father because he's closer then a step), Leslie's grandmother (who's street name is Grannie) and their incontinent bichon Dodger. When the expected day of arrival was upon us we were ready.

Or so we thought.

The original plan was that the fam would arrive sometime the day before Thanksgiving. However we received a call from Leslie's mother that threw us for a loop. Rather then leave Wednesday morning, my father in-law decided they would leave at midnight, late on Tuesday night, to arrive early Wednesday. Fine, we lose a few hours of preparation on Wednesday, but we'd get more time with them. All that we requested was that they call when they hit Atlanta, however early that might be.

I wake up at 5:30 every morning for work (I know, my life's a hell). So I was showered and in the process of doing my hair when I hear the storm door open. "No. They wouldn't," I thought to myself. Then I hear a knock at the door. I run out of the bathroom, hands gooey with gel, the dog barking like crazy, the cats fleeing for cover, and open the front door. There on my front porch are my four in-laws (yes, I'm counting the dog as an in-law) waving at me. At 6:30 in the morning.

That was yesterday. Today is obviously Thankgiving. Leslie and her mother are in the kitchen swearing at the turkey and I'm in the living room with the rest of the family watching the Macy's parade over the lap top as I write this.

I think the animals are a bit upset with all of the stuff going on. So far Dodger has pissed on a kitchen rug, Friday vomited on her bed at 6 AM, and Zam has puked in the hall way and on the living room carpet. And I know the feeling. It's weird constantly having to remind yourself there are new people in the house. I still have trouble remembering to close the bathroom door.

Leslie says the turkey will be ready around 4, I'll be surprised if we eat before 6.

And I don't mean to make it sound like I'm upset my in-laws are here. I'm actually really excited for have them here. For me it really is something for me to be thankful for. It's not easy to be away from your family for such a big holiday.

Oh yeah, Happy Thanksgiving!

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